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Banner Manager
Banner Title:  * Required
Banner URL:
Banner Group: , or enter a new banner group below
Image: , or enter local file below
Image Target (Save To): /mnt/stor3-wc2-dfw1/485618/
HTML Text:
Scheduled At:
Expires On:
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Banner Notes:
  • Use an image or HTML text for the banner - not both.
  • HTML Text has priority over an image

Image Notes:
  • Uploading directories must have proper user (write) permissions setup!
  • Do not fill out the 'Save To' field if you are not uploading an image to the webserver (ie, you are using a local (serverside) image).
  • The 'Save To' field must be an existing directory with an ending slash (eg, banners/).

Expiry Notes:
  • Only one of the two fields should be submitted
  • If the banner is not to expire automatically, then leave these fields blank

Schedule Notes:
  • If a schedule is set, the banner will be activated on that date.
  • All scheduled banners are marked as deactive until their date has arrived, to which they will then be marked active.

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